Conversation (2:20)

Bill and Josh, two young and hopeful musicians speak about their move to the county’s capital, the challenges that come with it and the difference between their small hometown of Bourne to the hustle and bustle lifestyle of London

In words: ‘I kinda like just how’

Back anno: ‘Food and everything is so expensive’

Interview (3:07)

With the iconic London club being shutdown early in September many thought this could lead to a downward spiral of club closures and the fall of London’s vibrant nightlife.

However, with large protests and donations Fabric’s owners were recently successful in appealing for their club to be reopened with special requirements to be met, given by the council. Anthony speaks to a young Lightning engineer, Jordan Talbot to see what she thought this meant for the future of clubs in London.

In words: ‘Many clubs will start to…’

Back anno: ‘it might be hard work, but it is good fun’

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