Week 5: Cancellation Recording Date & Plans Ahead

Our group was not able to record this Friday on 2nd March therefore, this has made us worry about delaying the re-schedule date and work out the actors availability. If not, then we will have to find new actors to play for the characters. In the mean time, I began to focus on the essay writing.

Update (03/03/2018): Our rescheduled date is now on 16 March and us, as a team, all agreed that we are able to record on the day. Beth, our producer sent a confirmation email on behalf of us to Matthew. I sent an updated email towards all the actors about the re-scheduled date and asked for their availability during the day. Unfortunately, two of the original actors could not make it so I have informed Jeremy via email as he was proactively finding other actors to replace for us. I also have texted my group on Whatsapp to let them know about the situation and have replied that they are aware.

Update (07/03/2018): All confirmed casting actors set to record on 16th March. I liaised with Fantastic 4 + 1 coordinator about using the same actors for the whole day and we were both been given the green light from our directors and producers of the play script.  By these changes, I had to update the front page, scheduling and calling times pre-production documents that are shared with my group on google drive and replaced the actors name filling in for the Mother and Young man.

Also, have sent out the updated front page documents to all of the actors to keep them updated and I was able to update my communication log document as a record to showcase how well I’ve been cooperating with the actors about travelling expenses, refreshments and other enquiries they had.

Update (08/03/2018): I have sent out the actor’s letter, front page and the final draft of Lucy & I script to the new casted actors as they reply back confirming that they received it.

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