Audio Drama

Week 1 – Audio Drama


I am taking on the role of director and scriptwriter for audio drama. Today we finalised and are content with the script that we have chosen and the roles we have taken on. So far within this module I have learnt many things during the lesson, especially for someone who has never been a director before. Learning how to direct with different groups has helped bring my confidence up for when it comes to the day of recording. After practicing with the different groups we went into our production groups to discuss what needs to be done for the next coming week and for the recording itself. As two members weren’t able to make it to todays lesson my team member and I went ahead and discussed what roles to give to who for next weeks practice recordings of the script. We also made a list of things that needs to be done and sent it to the other members of our group on a group chat so no ones missing anything. I understand my role of director and scriptwriter and will be getting in touch with the scriptwriter to discuss the minor changes that we can make to the script.

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