~ 29th January  – 1st March ~

29th January

In the first production session we read through all of the possible scripts we could create. While reading the scripts, the two that stood out to me the most was Sugar glass and Sleeping In.

The reason why I liked Sleeping In was because there weren’t a lot of literal sound prompts in the script meaning that it would be mostly based on the directors vision and imagination allowing the audio piece to be open to experimentation of other sounds. Another reason would also be because the script was focused on a singular persons perspective and through previously listening to the Cipher, I feel like that works really well. I liked Sugar Glass also because of the freedom of interpretation specifically during the thunderstorm and scary story part. When reading I imagined something like a constant ticking sound much like Paola’s recored monologue piece that she had shown the previous session.

I decided to put Sugar Glass and studio editior as my first choice and Sleeping In as well as the role of Director as my second choice. The reason why I put script editor first was because the responsibilities seemed unfamiliar to me and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone for this module. Through my previous modules, I’ve ben able to Direct documentaries and alternative pieces so I put Director down as my second choice because I wanted to understand the similarities and differences of what that role entails within the different genres of content.

After the break I obtained the role of Director and through our Producer Eve (Yujie) creating a group chat met with Hannah our studio manager. Through the session we were able to talk about our ideas on the script Sugar Glass.

2nd February

As we were 1 person short, Jeremy was able to contact another person to become our production co-ordinator.

5th February

Eve contacted Jeremy and was able to add Jake our production co-ordinator into the group. During the lesson, Hannah created a zen castr account for the group. To get a better feel of the programme, Hannah scheduled aa zoom with us for the following Tuesday. During the breakout room time, Hannah, Eve and I compiled a character breakdown for each character in the script with links to similar character references. I personally thought that Michelle in the script came off quite loud and talkative so Hannah and I created the breakdown with Michelle from Derry Girls in mind. With Alex, we decided on a posher accent becuase we wanted her to seem like she thought she was above the other girls and was quite snooty and for Catherine, we made her character the underdog. The three of us came up with the final breakdown and Hannah created a Drive so that Jake could also see and add on to the breakdown. I also put in the email to contact hattie in the group chat.

9th February

We were all able to meet on Zoom and talk to each other face to face however Jake had a lot of connection issues so we mainly spoke to him son the group chat instead. During this meeting we were able to play around with Zencastr and also talk about the script. Hannah was able to record our voices and we also had a go with reading out the script.

11th February

I started breaking down scene 1 and 2 of the script. Using different colours, I noted on the additional audio I thought would add to the project, the positioning of the actors to the microphone to create different types of situations in the script, how I wanted the characters to act and finally the volume fading of specific background noises that I wanted.

12th February

Today we meet during the blackboard session and was told to create an audio piece out of our script on Zencastr, as Jake was unable to hold a connection, only Eve Hannah and I were able to work on the piece. During the Zencastr session, we had a lot of issues regarding the connection of individuals which meant that we weren’t able to create the piece as fast as we could which meant that Hannah had less time to add additional audio to the piece.

17th February

Today Eve Hannah and I were able to set up another zoom to go through the additional scenes that I annotated prior. We were also given a chance to work on the new Zencastr layout and I personally found it more user friendly. We recoded scene 1, 2 and 3 and after had another chat on the script.

19th February

In this session we were able to go through the character breakdowns and also work with other groups. I really liked this exercise was I was able to get other opinions outside our group on our characters and allowed me to see them in another perspective.

25th February

Hannah started collecting sounds and used my script breakdown as reference. I decided to contact Hattie to meet for a script read through. From the breakdown that I created earlier I found there were some parts of the script that I was unsure of, an example being the voice behind the storm. I noted to make sure that I touched upon that aspect with Hattie.

26th February

Today we had a meeting with Jeremy and decided on the cast. I was a bit unsure with casting Nina for the role of Alex however through listening to the sound again, I decided that her voice might be able to fit. Jeremy also asked the crew to create a schedule for filming. After the lesson, I informed my other crew members who weren’t present at the session about the meeting with Jeremy, I also asked the crew which days would be best to zoom Hattie after she answered my email on the available dates she could zoom and scheduled a zoom which I sent to crew and Hattie.

1st March

Today we got the emails for the cast from Jeremy so I emailed them on dates that they could have a quick introductory read through. I texted the group on days they could meet and decided on having the script reading on the same day as Hattie but a little bit later. Hannah uploaded some background sounds for scene 1.


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