I am the director for group 2 audio drama, my colleagues are Matthew, Mazzain, and Stuart. Together we are co-creating an audio drama based on a script delivered to us by our project leader Jeremy Mortimer and writer Tessa Franklin-Mann. The script we are adapting is called ‘Trawler’.

Week 1: Myself & Matthew Sanders sat down and worked out every single sound needed for the audio drama we are creating. These foley sounds will be captured and produced by myself using a zoom microphone, as well as royalty free foley sounds taken from the internet.

Week 2: Myself & Matthew Sanders sat down and looked through the script and worked to edit some of the dialogue, we did not come up with any major changes at all bar some parts of vocabulary. Any more substantial changes will be discussed with Tessa Franklin-Mann on March 5th, where we are just having a general discussion on the best way to adapt the script into an audio drama.

Week 3: All four members of the team sat down and had a meeting with script-writer Tessa Franklin-Mann on March 5th. We had a large discussion surrounding aspects of the script that needed some revisions. Tessa agreed to change these aspects of the script and make the necessary refinements and will have it complete by the 7th of March.

Week 4: We worked together to create a production schedule, which we sent out to the actors as well as Jeremy. Once this was done, we were ready for our recording session at 9:30am at the 15th of March. The recording went smoothly albeit some unfortunate interruptions and stop starting. We are spending the next two weeks working on the post-production aspect of the piece.

Week 5: Myself & Matthew Sanders spent 6 hours together on Saturday the 23rd of March and pieced the audio drama recordings together so they were in the correct order, and we also collated and downloaded royalty free/copy-write free sound effects under the creative commons license.

Week 6: Myself and the rest of the members of the group spent the last week editing the remainder of the audio drama, collecting sound effects and mixing the audio drama down. I recorded the intro and outro credits, whilst the documents were organised and typed up by Stuart and Mazzain.

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