Today I started off by doing my first bit of directing. Being group 1 I had to go first. It meant I picked my actors for the script we practised and then I had to direct them where they should stand and how they should act. We did a few run throughs and I would suggest things to make the piece of drama sound better. I got good feedback on this from the class leader.

In the afternoon we had a team meeting. We sent an email to the writer of the play we are producing. We also talked about what we each need to do for next weeks lesson. I need to make character profiles and go through my script to mark up what I think should be happening with ‘staging’ and where people should be standing during our recording.


This week I directed and did a 45 minute recording of 2 scenes from our drama. I had to direct 2 actors and make decisions of how things would sound the best. For example we used a glass full of water to amplify someone drinking and the use of a coat sounding like a duvet. It helped me to envision how things would sound. After this I went home as I was suffering from a migraine however my group had a meeting and filled me in on what we are going to be doing in 2 weeks time for our real drama recording.


This week was the week of our recording. We had a cal time of 8:30. As director I checked  everything was ready for the arrival of my team and the actors. I felt the session went well. From the initial read through I felt good vibes about the actors and they were all fabulous in doing what I asked and even making helpful suggestions. My team were also really helpful with making suggestions for what would make it sound it’s best. We were ahead of schedule for the whole recording and this allowed for us to take a break for the actors and to quickly discuss and then also to make sure we had everything the way we wanted it. I felt the recording went very well and I’m very happy with how it went on the day and i’m looking forward to hearing and working on it in it’s post-production stages.

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