Pre-production week 1 – 15/02/19


Within my group for audio drama, I am in place as producer, Rhys is studio manager, Minnie is the director, Billie is production coordinator and as far as script editor goes I believe that it is being shared across each of us. For this first pre-production week, the groups worked together and each of the group’s directors took turns in directing some of the other group members that were acting. This week we had a discussion in our groups, I managed to find and get recordings of the various sounds that we needed to input into the audio drama in post-production (an ice cream truck jingle, van door opening and closing, ignition sound). Rhys wanted to still gather those sounds, however, so he will be collecting sounds from the ice cream truck. After our group discussion, we updated Jeremy on our progress and myself and Billie will be working on a production schedule for the coming production week (production week 2 22/02/19)


Pre-production week 2 – 22/02/19


This pre-production week, just a week before the actual recording week, the groups had to cast people from other groups to act out scenes from their audio dramas. my group (group 6) cast group 5 to act out scenes from our audio drama (The Estate) and myself and Minnie were cast to act out group 5’s audio drama and it went well, I learnt how to follow directions from the director and how to enhance acting techniques in front of the microphone. As a producer I oversaw everything and everything went smoothly.


Reading week – 01/03/19


This week was reading week. For the reading week, I chose to look at the essay questions that were online for audio drama and selected one. I will be planning my essay in the coming weeks.


Production week 3/Recording week – 08/03/19


This week was recording week for my group’s audio drama ‘The Estate’. Recording went well and we decided to follow the recording schedule loosely as we decided to record certain scenes together to make efficient use of our time. I brought biscuits in for the actors so that they could have something to eat when they were getting hungry to push through until the end of the recording schedule.


Final Post-production weeks 4&5 – 15/03/19  –  22/03/19


For these last post-production weeks, Rhys was working on editing the audio drama and sent us various versions of it, each one more refined and updated than the last. The only thing that was left for me to do was to listen back to each of the versions. The next thing I did was creating a production schedule on Microsoft Excel and emailing this to Jeremy. I also completed one of the post-production documents ‘ productions details’ and emailed this to Rhys so that he could compile everything. Also, I have been working on my essay question (I have chosen to complete essay question 3) and I have since written a plan for my essay and am ready to write the essay.

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