Recording week!

This week has been the one everyone has been looking forward to and it was quite anxiety-inducing as I was solely responsible for the recording quality of everyone on the clean feed call. Luckily the actors were really friendly and were happy to fix their set up when I asked them to. A lot of blanket fort rebuilding later, we got to recording and it was plain sailing from there really. I would’ve liked to have been able to see their set up and how close they were to their mics just to make everyone sound the same but in a COVID world, that wasn’t possible. I really hoped the final recording wouldn’t make it too obvious that they weren’t in the room together and after listening back, I think with added background noise and sound effects, the characters will sound like they are together.


Editing Week!

I was confident that as soon as I had decided which takes to use, putting everything together was going to be easy. I made a list of which recording was which scene during recording week and I’m so glad I did that as it saved a lot of time hunting down the right take for each line in each scene. I also had the trust of my team to let me go away and edit and then show them a final draft a couple of days before the deadline. We had a zoom call and talked it through and landed on a few changes which I implemented and boom! Finished audio drama!

I have really enjoyed this module and listening to different podcasts that are normally outside of my listening zone. Being able to work with different people has also been really fun and being able to just edit something that was fictional was a great way to relax which sounds crazy! I’d love to work with audio dramas in the future and be involved in the writing process a little more.

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