Production week one

Having been off ill for a couple of weeks I was behind the group. In my absence, I was drafted to group 2 and have been given the role of production coordinator. My role is essentially looking after the actors and coordinating with my team, times, during the first group recording I sat with producer, director and studio manager and assisted with them when moving things into place. I also helped other groups providing voices so they could get a feel of their script.

Production week two

I reached out to Tessa who is the writer of our script asking if she had any alternative endings. She asked to meet us and do a workshop with her to see what we can do with the ending. We have requested to meet with her at Regent Street campus on Tuesday 5th March to discuss this. We will then be in a position to send the scripts out to the actors. In our lesson, we looked at how we are going to record and what our script will sound like, We have a rough idea on what we will need to recreate environments.

Production week 3:

I we met with Tessa the writer of Trawler and discussed the script in more detail. Ask about script changes, character profiles. Tessa agreed to the changes and promised to get the scripts to us by Monday 11th March. So that we could get the scripts to the actors ready for the recording.

Recording Week 4:

This was the week we were recording. I was in charge of looking after the actors and production team and making sure everyone had the right documents needed for the recording. I briefed the actors on where the toilets are and fire exits as well as making sure they were suitably hydrated and had biscuits to nibble on. I was also in charge of making sure the team were to time. However this didn’t go to plan as we over run by 30mins.

Post Production Week 5:

We were going to meet as a team however due to family circumstances we had to postpone this. However I did meet with Jeremy to discuss how the recording went.

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