Pre- Production    (12/1/2021-28/2/2021)

In the beginning, I contacted Simran, Sahara, and Paola on Whatsapp. They were very enthusiastic and happy about the work. We believe we can finish the work. Although it is my first time to contact Audio Dama, I am very interested in this course and have read and learned a lot of related knowledge on the handbook.

We discussed the sound effects and the modification of the script. After carefully reading and thinking about the script, I feel that each sound effect should conform to the atmosphere of the scene, and should not be abrupt at the same time.

Paola finally revised our script and had smooth communication with the writer EVA. However, due to my stay in China and the time difference, I didn’t attend their meeting with the playwright on zoom.

On February 17, I recorded and searched for the sound effects of sene1, leaving behind some special sound effects that need to be recorded separately.

Since there was no time for discussion in the last week of February, we finished our task alone.

On February 27, I recorded and searched for the sound effects of sene2 and sene3. While recording the sound of the chair rubbing on the floor, I recorded two versions of the sound. I have left the sound effect of footsteps and the squeezing ketchup. These two sound effects need to be recorded separately. The sound effect of the footsteps needs to sound like on the old floor after I think, which requires me to think about how to make the effect.

At the same time, we discussed the problem of casting, and finally, Sahara determined our casting outline.


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