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Pre- Production

As a group we decided what roles would best suit one another, and who had the best experience for them roles. I having had experience with directing previously decided I should be director and also as there was script editor, be that aswell. Taking on these two roles, it seemed to make sense. We also chose the play The Estate, and from reading through it and seeing the potential it had for an audio drama.

During the weeks following up to the actually recording, I read through the script to see if there was any adjustments that needed to happen, but there wasn’t. Rhys and I, then sat down together to go through what we needed for the recording to make it easier so that Rhys didn’t have to include every sound in post production. We made a list of sounds we needed to make and from the week prior to the recording we had a session where we tested with another group, what a certain scene would sound like. Being the director I also wrote down on the scripts what I wanted from the actors, and also what their emotions where for most of the lines or the scenes. This was then sent to Billie who sent the scripts to the actors and I sent one to the writer of the play herself. I made sure to email the writer to ensure that it sounded how she would like it to sound.



When it came to the day, I re-read through the script to ensure that I knew what direction I was going for each page. Rhys and I had the job of bringing in the props used. When it came to the recording, I sat down with the actors and introduced myself. I handed them all a script and asked if they could read through the script so that I could hear what it sounds like and if it flows nicely with their voices. I asked two of the actors to have a southern accent, kind of similar to Luther on BBC as for the other two actors they both had the neutral quite posh voice. I then went to each actor and told them what their character is like and what i would like out of them. I had a plan of how I was recording the scenes as it wouldn’t be in order but in clumped scenes. When I first directed them, it was nerve wracking and with the help of Rhys and Billie they helped me and that boosted my confidence. There was a problem where we got stopped half way asking for a production schedule which did slow down our time but we quickly got back onto it and then kept on with the time. The actors really responded well to the directing and more scenes took longer than others due to them being more technical and with more props. After the recording Rhys and I went to do some sound recordings, straight after with the door opening sounds and closing, the tapping on the glass.


Post Production

All that was left for me to do was to listen to how Rhys had put together the audio drama and to see if there were things we could do to make different. I had a meeting with Jeremy and talked about how it all went and it was good feedback even-though I was nervous. All that is left to do is do the paperwork and send off the audio drama finished recording.


Sukmani Bhullar


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