Audio Drama Blog3-Yumeng Zhu

Recording and Post-Production(3/12/2021-3/25)

On March 12, we started recording. My task was recorded. The night before, Simran told me how to make a recording form and how to record takes, so we started recording.

I need to record the scene recorded and the number of times recorded. At the same time, I need to record Sahara’s feedback on each recording time. In the beginning, because of my signal, I was not very able to hear what Sahara said, so I paid close attention to the content of Sahara’s speech. At the same time, I found that when actors are emotional, their recorded sound will be a little noisy, which needs to be processed in post-production.

In the end, we successfully completed the recording, which was inseparable from the efforts of Sahara and Poala, as well as every member of the team.

After the recording, we continue to upload the remaining sound effects. Poala is responsible for editing, and she will communicate and discuss with our team in a timely manner.

On March 19, Jeremy reminded us whether we need to add music to our works

On March 22, I finished part of the prog description and other forms.

Poala handed in all the content and documents on March 25.

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