February 16th-Pre-Production

In today’s Audio Drama class our group, The A Team, familiarized itself with the studio. It has become apparent that our lack of radio students in the group has been a challenge especially when we were attempting to figure out key elements of the script and its application in the recording. As the producer, my role was to advise the director, Adelaida, on the most vital scenes to practice in order to experiment with the different mics available and the effects they achieve. Our script editor Justine rearranged scenes in the script but in a subtle way to enhance audience engagement. Although our inexperience in radio drama was apparent, we were still adamant on producing Prodigal Sisters in the best way possible. Our motivation and encouragement arose from previous experience in theatre acting allowing us to incorporate what we learned to the current module.

As a producer, I volunteered to act out a part with Adelaida in the studio to get a better understanding of the manner in which acting differs on radio versus theatre. This was a valuable participation that boosted our confidence in the direction of script.

Aysha Kala and Paige Carter are the actresses that have been contacted to play the parts—this was an advantage since they have both acted it out previously. Emails have been sent out to their agents with scripts attached notifying them of or interest in the actresses.

Furthermore, Callum, the only radio student in the group will allow us to gain a deeper insight of the inner workings of radio production and we have planned to set up a date with him and the rest of our group to practice some of the scenes.

We are very excited about the play and hope our efforts will have a positive result.


February 23rd –Pre Production

There was no class today but our group has arranged a meeting to touch base on a couple of things.

Initially, I checked whether the actresses have confirmed their attendance and they haven’t. I have emailed Jeremy in regards to the matter and hopefully everything will be sorted out.

Justine, the script editor has edited the scenes and sent them out in order to be finalized. Additionally, I’m pleased to hear that the scriptwriter Kareem Khan will attend the day of recording on March 16th. His presence will give us a better vision for the production and we cannot wait for his remarks and suggestions, if he has any.

We are worried about whether the actresses will attend or whether they should be substituted, in the meantime, I’m managing the roles of the individuals in the group (The A Team) and making sure everything is on track.

March 2nd –Pre Production

School was cancelled today because of weather conditions. So far, Asyha Kala has confirmed her place in the cast. On the other hand, I have contacted Paige Carter’s agent and she’s not responding. I would love to have both actresses come in because they already acted Prodigal Sisters on stage, so it would be nice to have them reunite on radio. The deadline for Paige’s response is next Thursday or else we have to book another actress. Next week we are planning on going into the recording studio to see how the alterations made on script sound.


March 9th –Pre Production

Paige Carter has backed off the production and we have to look for other actresses. We contacted Shazia Nicholls, amongst other actresses and they have declined as well. Ambur Khan is our next possible actress. Overall, we are ready for production since we have divided up the script into scenes. The reason for that is because Prodigal Sister is a continuous flow, so to make it easier for Adelaida, the Director, Callum, Justine, and I decided to divide up the script into manageable scenes for production day.


March 16th-Day of Recording

Today we recorded Prodigal Sisters and it went very well. Aysha, Ambur, and the writer Karim Khan attended which helped us in directing the play. I was managing the catering and food to make sure everyone is comfortable while Adelaida and Callum were behind the screen. It was a lot of fun watching the actresses bring Jasmine and Sophia into life.

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