Week 1 – 27/01/2020

In this first official week of starting Audio Drama we were sent over 8 different audio scripts from Jeremy to read through ready for class.

We each took it in turns as a group to read through a short part of each scripts to get an idea of the different audio drama’s

We were then randomly split into groups where we then as a group picked which roles we wanted to do. We then made a decision and the people in my group doing each role are as follows.

Connor – Director

Charity – Producer

Studio Manager – Me

Alex Irons – Script Editor

We also then as a group choose our top three audio drama’s we wanted to do and then went back into class – We got given the the one we wanted to do as a group which was great.

Week 2 – 07/02/2020

This week we as a class started messing around in the production studio’s and read out a few audio drama scripts with a couple of us acting each time and then a few people in the studio’s communicating with the rest of us and recording it each run through.

We then split into our groups and did this individually where a couple people would act whilst someone was directing and myself as the studio manager to give us a better idea of what it will be like recording for the main run through.

Week 3 – 14/02/2020

I wasn’t well this week so i didn’t end up coming into class – I heard from my team that we were mostly practicing the recording again in the studio with each of us acting through our own scripts within each group. I shall endeavour to be back in class next week so that i’m completely up to date on what’s going on.

Week 4 – 21/02/2020

This week we had a guest lecture come in and speak to us about his very own audio drama’s. We got to listen to what he’d been working on throughout the morning which was really helpful and insightful and then for the early afternoon we practiced putting some effects onto dry pieces of audio such as compression effects within adobe audition etc just so we had a better idea of what we can do and add to our audio ready for our final piece in a couple of weeks.

Week 5 – 06/03/2020

Team meeting – This week we had a team meeting, myself, charity and Connor went through the script and highlighted bits to give us some direction of different effects we could use in places and then things we could add in on the day ready for next week. We then also had a brief meeting with Jeremy to chat about how the project was going and also to give him an update on how we’d been working through the script as a team. The main things we need to do now, ready for next week is to organise/email our actors to let them know timings which Charity has already pretty much sorted. We should be all ready for next week, we’ve all agreed to get in nice and early ready for a prompt 9:30 start.

Week 6 13/03/2020

This week was the main production week – Overall i feel as though it went really well. Our director was great at communicating with the actors and letting them know how we wanted each scene to be maintained. We were a bit slow starting however once we properly started i feel as though we got into a good rhythm and had things going really smoothly. As the studio manager, i was in charge of recording each of the scenes and recording them, then organising them all into different folders.

There generally weren’t any issues here with this, i felt that we had a really good recording session and since then we’re now in the editing process. We’ve devised a plan of the editing using the script that we worked through for Out of Bounds last week and so from this, each member of the team are going to have a set two day next week where they edit together some of the scenes. I haven’t had access to the group chat on WhatsAPP as i lost my phone earlier in the week however i’m going to do my best to edit together some of the scenes next week before the extended due date.

Post Production Week 7 23/03/2020

This weeks been great in terms of editing, i’ve edited the last 5 minutes of the audio drama together, adding some Christmas music and effects as listed within the script to the project. As a group we’ve tried to split the work evenly so that everyone gets to do some editing. We had a chat on our What-app group too and have agreed were all happy with the final edit now and will now submit the document separately.

Final version of Out of Bounds



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