Here is the rest of my blog, it will include pre- production , recording and post-production.



Once we chose the script, in class we learned different recording techniques, from compression to microphone positions to if we would use the booth for recording or the studio (RP2). I then went away and thought about the different ways we could record each scene. We all also thought about how the scene would  There was a point where the other group projects for other modules and other responsibilities took main priority and there was a point where for two weeks we didn’t meet up at all. There was also a case where people weren’t turning up to class either – and for the week before our recording, I was the only one in our group who had turned up. So after class, I went away and made some producer notes and directorial notes for when it does come to the recording day. The type of notes I had made on my script were notes such as what kind of tone the sentence should be in, to what kind of feeling/mood the character should be acting in a scene, and where about they should be standing in relation to the microphone. On the Wednesday before our recording I had sent out a detailed email to the actors explain what would happen during the day

Recording Day

On the day of recording, in the morning, I went through my notes that I had made on my script to the rest of my group. Ozzy and I went through the notes to see if he was happy with them – which he was. During the actual recording we had Katie Stockton sit in with us, as well as the 4 actors who agreed to help out. So we had Georgia Silver who played Savannah, Ben Lee who played Daniel and Sam, Jezebel Simpson who played Becca and the train announcer and finally Owen Landon who played Tony.

Overall the recording went really well, the audio came out really good. We recorded the scenes as if we were in the different locations for example – all the cafe scenes at once, the the train scenes then the party scenes and so on. The voice overs for Savannah were recorded in the booth as well as the train announcement – this would help the editing process later on for more careful editing. The rest of the scenes were recorded in the RP2 studio – which was the majority of the scenes. During the recording, myself and Ozzy as producer and director confined in each other to make sure that we were happy with each scene, however as well as this, Ginny was also very helpful with the production notes and giving her opinions too. There were some points during the recording where everyone was giving ideas at once and slightly talking over each other, and as a producer I did find that quite overwhelming as it felt like sensory overload and I couldn’t focus on one idea to see how I could execute the idea into the recording.  As well as this, I would ask Katie if the way the scene was recorded the way she imagine, from tone of voice to how the character is supposed to be feeling. As the writer I knew it was important to get her opinion on what is happening as i knew she had an idea in her head about how she wanted it to sound, and I certainly did not want it clashing with either my ideas or the directors ideas. To be honest, it was helpful to have her there in the studio as a extra guidance.


So post production, at first was cut down by Ginny and Ozzy getting rid of all the talking in between takes, and making sure that we just had the takes. Then the next day, Myself, Ginny and Ozzy  were in the studio to go through all the takes along with Ginny’s notes, to choose the best ones to use for the edits. We spent about 3 hours making sure that we the right emotions for whatever scene. Then due to social distancing, and the coronavirus, I then made the decision to split the scenes between the group and asked who wanted each scene. I took scenes 4 and 5, and edited them at home. I used sounds from and then added reverb, to all of the train announcements, but also made sure the that voice over sounded completely different to the rest of audio. Then after while everyone was working on their own edit, I made a google drive for everyone to add their completed edited scenes. Then it was supposed to put the scenes together with Ginny but with the social distancing measures, as producer I put the all the scenes together and I got a friend to record the opening and ending credit scenes.



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