Week 8: Post-production – Editing audio drama production & Delivery hand-in

Our group was able to hold a meeting with Jeremy as he gave out critical feedback from our audio drama production last week. Aside from running over our time, we had received great feedbacks individually and have performed our roles at the best of our capabilities. As a production coordinator, I was able to oversee the process of how the production of audio drama work since I’ve learnt to cooperate with one another in the team in order to understand what’s going on in the script and follow through.

During the group meeting, what went well was that we were able to hear the edited recording from our studio manager, in which he added the best voice take recordings and ordered the takes in order of the script. Therefore, having to listen through it, our team members felt that the casted actors have done a brilliant job in performing the characters to their best of ability. The voices were clear, easy to understand throughout the dialogue and the distance voice away from the microphone was delivered effectively because we were able to sympathise the characters.

However, the only improvement that was needed were the unnecessary background noise that can be heard in between the take. This part needed to be cut as well as we had to come up a way in order to move from one scene to another. Our studio manager and producer discussed about adding a transition sound in order to create effects and inform the audiences that it has moved on to a different scene. In addition, we had troubles coming up with ideas on how the market sound should be like, so we browse through a few examples online and heard a few samples to get inspired. After making a few side notes to improve on, the director, producer and studio manager have worked systematically together in adding sound and transition effects onto our audio drama recording draft. I was able to contribute by giving my own views upon the drafts of the audio drama production directly.


Week 9: Delivery Week for Final Audio Drama Production

This week is the final week and our producer have informed us in the group chat that the studio manager and director was going to continue completing the final draft of the audio drama production of Lucy & I. We held one final meeting and heard the final draft of the play script that we have produced and managed successfully as a team of 5.

08/04/2018: We had finished editing our audio drama as our studio manager had finished editing the last few bits. We had the chance to listen to the final recording of the audio drama and after a few discussions and approval from our director, it was ready to be submitted. The presentation details, programme descriptions, music form and the mp3 file attachment were all completed so, our producer had submitted all of the files and sent to Jeremy.
What went well was that as a group, we were able to perform our designated roles successfully and helped each other complete any of the pre-production and post production tasks in a systematic manner. Also, we were able to communicate effectively through WhatsApp messages and held group meetings about discussion how to resolve an issue. In terms of my role, I was able to undergo a production coordinator where I had to liaised with the other groups’ coordinator to sort out majority of the pre-production tasks, such as, refreshments, travel money and kept in touch with the actors via email and dropped in a call to make sure everything was okay before the audio production took place.

On the other hand, I had faced a few minor setbacks during the process of audio production due to not having enough time to record. What I would do differently next time is ensure I take a better care for the actors by dropping them a call when they arrive so that they don’t have to be kept waiting for me to pick them up. Also, I should have scheduled the time for the read through earlier because this would leave us enough time to prepare for the recording.

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