Week 6: Preparation for Recording week

In week 6, there was a miscommunication with one of the actors as pointed out from one of my team members. The actor did not have a clue who he was supposed to meet on the recording day and so I took action and emailed every actor clarifying about who they’re going to assist them when they arrive and where I will be meeting them.

In the email, I reminded them that the meeting place will be in Harrow campus along with linking the map in order to make it easy for them to find it. I have also left my contact numbers in case they had any enquiries they’d like to talk about and have mentioned that I will drop a call individually on Wednesday to inform them about how we’re going to pay for the travelling expenses and explain to them briefly about what’s going to happen on the recording day to make things easy to understand via phone calls.

Update (14/03/2018): Emailed the actors to make sure everything is set to record the next day.  My group and I corresponded one another via our Whatsapp group as Iona made sure every pre-production document is complete. This includes the front page, script, production to do list and call schedule and made sure these were sent to Jeremy. I was able to contact directly and call some of the actors to tell them briefly about our schedule and was able to answer any enquiries they had. I also had to cooperate with the other production coordinators well by sorting out the refreshments on the day and the travelling fee as well. In the end, I was assigned to be responsible in paying the majority of the actors travelling money.

The problem I had was I couldn’t reach out to all the actors as they did not pick up their phone call. Therefore, I sent an email briefly indicating what’s happening tomorrow and they should get in touch if they have any enquiries. Also have informed to my group via Whatsapp about the situation to let them be aware that the actors had been contacted and are ready to roll to record the audio drama production.  To add, I had to make sure I get the front page, scheduling times and script printed for tomorrow to hand it out.

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