On 12th March, our group had a meeting with Jeremy about our final submission. I am really sorry that I did not attend that meeting for the time difference in China, but Jessie updated for me immediately after the meeting, and it is about the paperwork I was responsible for. There are three documents – Pres Details, Prog Description and Music Details which are all on Blackboard.

I was confused at first about the paperwork, but after talking to my group members and some researches on the Internet, things got much clearer then. So Marlyse was going to do the “Music Details” file, other details about the edit work the paperwork and uploaded them on the blackboard, and I need to fill in the “Pres Details” and “Prog Description”. Marlyse provided a good idea about uploading these documents onto the google drive so that everyone can make changes if possible. Even though it was less than a week for us to do the paperwork, we’ve done it well before the deadline.

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