Week 1;

In class, we all had 8 scripts to read over that Jeremy had sent us in an email. We then took turns to read the first four pages of each script, so that we had an idea of our top three favourite scripts.

We then were out into groups, and had to choose our top three scripts as a group and choose a group name – that’s when Drama in Da Booth was born.


In the group is myself, Ozzy, Adam, Ginny and Harri and we then had to choose who’s role was who’s

  • Producer – Me
  • Director – Ozzy
  • Studio Manager – Adam
  • Production Co-ordinator
  • Script Editor – Harri

I thought about how the process would work and how everyone will work together in terms of editing. & just asking  questions about the whole project in general.


Week 2

This week in class, we were exploring the different techniques to record and how to make sure that when we direct our actors that they’re standing in one of the 5 positions while recording. And learning how to use talk back in the booth.

We were then set a task to record a small scripts in our groups to test out those recording techniques.

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