Week 4: Audio Drama Meetings with Matthew & Jeremy

This week was all about preparation for our recording session next week, on March 2nd. We’ve had a group meeting with Matthew and updated him on our recording plan, casting actors and music effect ideas. Based from his feedback, we needed to double check the script layout template if it was in the right order and prepare for a backup actor in case any of the confirmed actors drop out last minute. We will be able to update this before our recording date. Then, our group held another catching up session with Jeremy as I informed him that all the casting actors are keen to work with us, confirming their role.

After, I was able to run-through our calling times and schedule with Beth and filled in the majority content, leaving the timing and music/sound effect section blank for Dan, our studio manager, to fill it in. I was also able to update most of the pre-production documents including the production to-do list, schedule and call times, contact temporary, cast availability chart and front page of the script. I shared these documents electronically to my teammates, so they are able to edit and fill in the rest. As for the refreshments, our group discussed to bring biscuits, mini doughnuts, coffee and plastic plates and cups to accommodate the actors in the morning. Briefly also talked about who’s bringing what props. Iona will bring a water bottle and chewing gum packet.

Update (25/02/2018): Emailed all 4 actors confirming about the travelling expenses. Explained in detail that Beth will take care of the fee and pay the money upfront. Liaise with Zineb, Fantastic 4 + 1 production co-ordinator, and initiate for her to send an email to Matthew about visitor passes for our actors and writers to get pass security to enter our campus. Double checked the schedule calling times, found a few numerical errors and updated the final draft then sent it to our group.

Update (01/03/2018): Got in touch will all 4 actors confirming the cancellation of our recording session on 2nd March to be re-scheduled. All replied back confirming they received the message.

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