Interview with Kpop Super Fan, Ally Louise

Alex Jones- 10/11/17



Kpop, or “Korean Pop”, has made a huge impact in the Western world over the last few years and many people enjoy listening to the music despite it being very different from the Western music we hear on the radio today. Kpop groups have huge followings and fans refer to them as “Kpop Idols” and fans are known for being dedicated and extremely loyal.  One super fan of Kpop, Ally Louise, has hundreds of followers on social media thanks to her taste in music and Alex Jones interviews her to find out what being a fan of Kpop is like, and why this type of music is so popular amongst young people today:



IN:  So you’ve been a fan of Kpop for a few years now…

OUT:  … Thank you… Its okay!

DUR: 3’00”

BACK: Smoke Radio’s Alex Jones interviewing Kpop super fan, Ally Louise about being a Kpop fan and why the music is so popular today.




Cue- Conversation


What is it like being a student in London?

Alex Jones- 10/11/17



Moving to university is an exciting time, however sometimes it can be daunting especially if you are moving to London, one of the biggest cities in the world. Liz, who is from Liverpool and Bianca who is an international student from Romania, both study at the University of Westminster and they discuss what moving to England’s Capital is like and what opportunities it brings:



IN: It’s really cultural…

OUT: …It’s like an experience, a different type of experience.

DUR: 2’09”


BACK: Liz and Bianca, two students from the University of Westminster, talking about what living in London is like.

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