Interview – Daniel Goode 

Charity Bloxham – 10/01/18

Cue: There are venues all over Birmingham for both big and small bands to perform every night of the week, from the Sunflower Lounge and The O2 Academy to The Genting Arena. The smaller venues are constantly packed with new music fans and brilliant new artists. Charity Bloxham sat down with a young drummer to talk about what its like to perform in the city and what his band has got planned for the following year.

In: “Hi my name’s Daniel Goode … ”

Out: “… you’ll be able to be updated”

Dur: 3’18”

Back Anno: The Drummer of State, Daniel Goode talking to Charity Bloxham.

Conversation – Two Flatmates 

Cue: Most of us have heard peoples horror stories from their time in a shared student house and of the brilliant friendships that form in that time, but what do two housemates and friends who have been living together for two years get up to. Listen to Sam and Liam chat about their time living together.

In: “I wasn’t in my house for …”

Out: “… I do like living with you. I like living with you”

Dur: 2’30”

Back Anno: Uni students Sam and Liam talking about stealing hairspray, communal toilet roll and a donut trading system.

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