Work at BBC – Kiishi & Renee conv

8.11.17  Chloe Williams


This november marks the 50th anniversary of BBC local radio, where Renee Phillips has recently become one of the youngest sound engineers.

She sat down with Kiishi Egbedi, a current employee on the BBC apprenticeship scheme to discuss working life within the company,

as well as debating the pros and cons on studying at university.



IN: What do you think about life at the BBC…

OUT: …I can sell myself a bit better.

DUR: 2’18”


BACK: That was Renee Phillips and Kiishi Egbedi from Radio 1 and 1xtra.




Radio / Dr Preston int

9.11.17 Chloe Williams


Following the 50th anniversary of BBC local radio, we’ve been taking a look at the future of the medium.

Chloe Williams went out to a interview Dr John Preston, a teacher of radio at The BRIT School.

He talks about how his role as a teacher plays a part in the industry.

And, having worked at the BBC, he explains a bit about what it means to him.



IN: I am absolutely a BBC man at heart…

OUT: …and I’m very proud of that.

DUR: 3’25”


BACK: Dr John Preston there, talking to Chloe Williams.


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