SLUG: We ‘dish’ you a Merry Christmas!

12/11/17 18:30 – Claire Lynch

Christmas is fast approaching, so what better time to ask top London chef, Jordan Ellis about his festive cooking tips. We discuss the ideal seasonal restaurant advert, life in the industry and the moment he decided that cooking was the career for him.


IN words: “I always take it back to that lesson…”
OUT words: “…its very similar to our own.”

Duration: 3’29’’

BACK ANNO: Jordan Ellis, chef de partie for Osteria London talking about seasonal cooking and life as a chef.


SLUG: Do we ‘APPreciate’ romance anymore? Or has flirtation also been updated?

12/11/17 12:31 – Claire Lynch

Gone are the days of ‘I saw you from across the room’. Today’s dating generation interact through pixels and filters. How do they feel about this? Is romance dead? Hear the thoughts of Abbie and Anna, two young adults who talk about modern day ‘dating’, face to face flirtations and whether their romantic futures cross their minds when stepping outside the door.


IN words: “I don’t know. I don’t think its something…”
OUT words: “…I don’t think there is that anymore.” (laughs)


Duration: 2’12’’


BACK ANNO: London teens Abbie and Anna discussing dating for the digital generation.


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