Freelancer Int

06/11/2017 – Connor Drew

Is freelancing becoming the norm within the creative industry? Research suggest that being employed in the creative industry is growing four times the rate of the UK’s workforce as a whole. Connor Drew speaks to Amy Camp a freelance illustrator from London about her journey into the industry and what it is like being a working as a freelancer in 2017.


In: ‘I got started in freelancing when I was working at Odeon…’


Out: ‘So you’d have your own personal style to it as well as working’


Dur:  3’04”


Back ano: To find out more about being a freelancer visit



Conversations within the work space.

11/11/2017 – Connor Drew

What do people talk about at the workplace? Is it general work chat? Or is it about their lives. Max and Jon, two workers at the Wireless Group in London often talk about what happened in their weekends. We eavesdrop into a conversation they are having about Sport Direct and their love hate relationship with the often controversial brand.

In: ‘I’m at the moment obsessed with Sports Direct’


Out: ‘All they have to do is been seen to amend the price in your presence if you spot a price discrepancy.’


Dur: 2’24”

Back ano: ‘Max and Jon there from Wireless Group having a conversation in their staff room about their love hate relationship with the brand Sports Direct.’

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