Conversation between two gym employees

Gianina Mesina – 6/11/17

Two gym employees discuss the rewards and worries of dealing with their clients, the scrutiny they suffer, and the occupational hazard of constant pressure to look good in front of others.

In: “Definitely, as a woman…”

Out: “…She had no idea she could be anorexic.”

Dur: 2’18”

Karl and Issa discussing the ongoing pressure to look good in front of their clients – recorded by Ginny May

Gianina Mesina – 11/11/17

With the New Year, and all its fitness resolutions, round the corner; Ginny May talks to Personal Trainer Naghi on Kim Kardashian booty, body image, purpose and the burning question: why are we so scared of the gym?

In: “Most of the time…”

Out: “…be themselves, in better shape.”

Dur: 3’21”

P.T. Naghi on January gym-goers, talking to Ginny May

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