Interview Cue 

YouTuber / Bailey Interview

03/11/2017  Katie Potts

YouTube is becoming the new normal these days. From video logging to playing games for a living, to simply being a viewer, there are over 32.1 Million Uk adult users on YouTube regularly. Katie Potts speaks to Full time YouTuber and Editor at just the young age of nineteen years old, Jerome Bailey.

In :’I mainly started it because…’

Out : ‘…that I couldn’t really imagine’

Duration : 3′ 13”

Back Anno : Check out Jays Channel and editing here

Conversation Cue  

Vegans & Veggies / Tom and Ellie Conversation

01/11/2017 Katie Potts

Being vegan is becoming increasingly popular especially in 2017 with new shops popping up all over the world in cities like London. Tom and Ellie have been vegan for 1 year and continue to along with around 542,000 people aged 15 or over.

They share a similar interest and chat about their love for vegan food.

In :’whats that place you’re going to…’

Out : ‘…so it didn’t look awkward’

Duration : 2′ 13′

Back Anno : To find out more about Veganism in London, check out


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