Audio portfolio (M.Ogbon)

SLUG: Early stages in becoming a tattoo artist/ Wilkinson Interview

8/11/2017 Makee Ogbon

The saying goes once you get your first tattoo, you always want more. After getting her first tattoo, Makee Ogbon’s interest in the art form has peaked. She joins tattoo artist Jerimiah Wilkinson, also known as Jezz, discussing the early steps he took to becoming the artist he is now. His belief in spiritualism inspires his artwork of delicate geometric symbols and mandalas. Using delicate lines and dot work he creates beautiful designs and calibrates each piece to each individual. As a vegan, he takes into consideration the products he uses by avoiding animal tested products and uses synthetic skin when practicing as opposed to pig skin.


IN words: “So basically I had a friend….”

OUT WORDS: “…. and be a bit selfish so that’s my reasons”

DUR: 3’22”

Back anno: You can follow Jezz on Instagram @jezzink to see his work and book your sessions at the Parlour tattoo.

SLUG: Lunchtime chat


Naming your pet can be a fun experience for most people. After a lunchtime craving went on to inspire the names for a generation of cats to come, Jessica lectures Micha on how good Italian pizza can be.


IN words: “Why would you name your cat Pizza… “

OUT words: “….that’s worse at least burrito is nice “

DUR: 2’04”

Back anno: What weird names do you have for your pets?

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