Entrepreneurship in London/ Aysha Ali Int

13/11/17 Nina de Sanders

What does it take to become a successful young business owner in central London? Ayesha Ali, owner of cosmetics brand Certifeye, knows all about that. She sat down for a chat with Nina de Sanders. They discuss finding inspiration for products, the ‘Majestic’ eyeshadow palette, standing out from the crowd and finding the motivation to start a business.


IN: “I went to a store and I wanted to buy some make up…”

OUT: “…there’s no point doing it if you’re not enjoying it.”

DUR: 3’05”

BACK ANNO: Aysha Ali, owner of Certifeye Cosmetics



Life in London/ Arndt Stobba and Francesca Gelli Convo

13/11/17 Nina de Sanders

Is living in London quite what you would expect? Arndt Stobba, who originally is from Germany, has been living and working in London for 8 years. He discusses London life with Francesca Gelli, a newbie to the city having moved there a mere 2 months ago from Italy. They talk about following their dreams, the busy lives they lead and no longer seeing the city from a tourists’ perspective.


IN: “Everything is different…”

OUT: “…they are not brave enough to do what I did.”


BACK ANNO: Arndt Stobba and Francesca Gelli discussing life in London.

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