Interview – Scouts Theft

1/11/18 Paola Massimo

At the end of September, Stanfords, a Scouts campsite in West Sussex, was broken into and many valuable items were taken – including their main source of electricity, landing them in £30,000 worth of debt. Paola Massimo chats to team leader Janine Iacurto about the issue, and how the public can help get the campsite up and running again.


IN: “The theft took place at the local campsite…”

OUT: “… That would be wonderful”

DUR: 3’ 05”

BACK ANNO: Stanfords team leader, Janine Iacurto talking to Paola Massimo.

To access the interview, click here


Conversation – Life In The 80’s 

4/11/18 Paola Massimo

On a cold Sunday morning in Tilgate Park, husband and wife Dom and Anna discuss what life was like in the 80’s. From Top Of The Pops to Amstrad computers, was it really better back in their day?


IN: “In the 80’s that’s when I was leaving school…”

OUT: “…It’s going to be incredible”

DUR: 2’ 05”

BACK ANNO: Husband and wife Dom and Anna discussing all the aspects of life in the 80’s

To access the conversation, click here




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