After the first week of class I had the idea of doing a documentary/feature as my audio project. My idea was to document the events from the Luton Carnival Art Centre, however after discussing the idea, it came to mind that there wont be much to document as carnival season has finished. Although they do other events I knew it I wanted to go in another direction. I decided to focus my project on doing an audio book as it’s something that I find more realistic to do, is useful for the public, interesting. I looked at authors that lived near my hometown and came across a website ( for a childrens author based in Bedfordshire. After looking through Lou’s website I had noticed that she doesn’t currently have any of her books recorded as an audio book which turned out to be a perfect opportunity for me to get a commission, not only that but it gets more exposure for the author as well.


I decided to look at some examples of how I want the style of my audio book to be and came to the conclusion of having the author narrating the book and having the audio book dramatized like the example I found on youtube ( ). I contacted Lou Treleaven and I am still waiting for a response, however I am currently brainstorming my ideas just in case I don’t get the commission with Lou.

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