Heathrow expansion for a third runway was given the green light this year. It’s been decades of waiting for a decision, however, the decision could still change with future governments. Longford is a town situated next to Heathrow Airport and would be completely destroyed to make way for a third runway. But, what it is really like living by an airport and living on the edge waiting to find out if a third runway is going to be built.



IN: ‘So when I lived in Longford…’

OUT: ‘…many years to come’

Duration: 9’50”


I used to live in Longford, located next to Heathrow Airport in Hillingdon, up until I was 12. This story was inspired by the fact my family moved out of Longford to make way for a hotel and also since the third runway has been a hot topic of interest this year. I wanted to tell my story and find out exactly how local residents next to the airport feel about the decision to built a third runway, and what it is exactly like to live by the airport. The images involved me going to Longford and surrounding areas to take pictures of the planes, homes (including the site where my home used to be), listed buildings, pubs, shops and photos of relevant signs to my project. I also found printed photographs of my home in Longford before moving out. Other audio/ images I had got but never ended up using in my final story was a campaign rally against the third runway (taken place in Richmond Park) and voice overs of me going to various other places in Longford.

On a Sunday morning, I visited St Marys Church in Harmondsworth and after the church service, I went to find some local residents to get their opinions and feelings on the issues and decisions. Three people, including two church wardens for St Marys church, and a local attendee of the church Penny, were willing to speak to me about what it is like living by an airport and their views on the third runway. The interviews took place on location at the church.

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