Beth Moss

Growing up in divided Ireland

Cue: Davy Gould grew up in Northern Ireland during the IRA troubles. Nowadays he uses art as a kind of therapy to help him deal with the horrific memories of his childhood.

IN: “Northern Ireland 1967…

OUT:…made me who I am”

DUR: 9’58’

I used one single contributor as I wanted it to be a deeply powerful personal story. Davy Gould is from Northern Ireland but now lives in England. My first interview with him ran over 50 minutes and jumped around to different parts of his life and story. I decided against using myself or another as a narrator as I wanted it to come across like one man telling his story. Because of this I had to ask the interview questions is several different ways to get the interviewee to say the question as well as the answer.

After unsuccessfully trying to edit the interview so it flowed like a story I went back to my interviewee and asked for a second interview to clear some things up. I decided that growing up in Ireland was actually a very large topic so instead focused more on the interviewee’s art and how through creating it he has learnt to deal with his troublesome childhood. I didn’t want one voice to get boring for the listener and so have used some audio of the interviewee sketching and music to break up the time line and story.

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