Saving Maya Teaser Audiobook

Written by: Janetta Harvey

Read by: Mary Bolingbroke


Short Synopsis: A dramatised audiobook teaser that uses recorded material, experimental sounds and a voice over artist to bring Janetta Harvey’s true story about puppy farming to life.




My Individual Audio Project is an dramatised audiobook of Janetta Harvey’s Saving Maya.


Due to the fact that both of the dogs are female, my plan is to use a female voice actor in order to make this more apparent. I would preferably like the voice to sound calm, understanding and knowledgeable in order for it to compliment the ‘true story’ nicely.


I want to make sure that the audience stays fully immersed in the book and understand/accepts what happens to dogs who go through puppy farming. I will do this by ensuring that all the audio makes sense within the context of what is being described as it is important that people realise how bad puppy farming is.


I will use sound treatment in order to really exaggerate how different the two dogs lives are, both by how they are treated by humans/ how and where they live/ the atmosphere of these two places.


By using different sound treatments between both to really exaggerate the differences between the two dogs lifestyles.




Cue: The long awaited teaser of Janetta Harvey’s Saving Maya is here! Prepared to immersed into the diversity between the lives of Maya and Willow, and how their lives become intertwined.




IN: “Chapter two.. If more of us …”


OUT: “… I’m just dreaming.”


Duration: 13’07



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