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The radio shows I listened were all from breakfast shows. The Smooth breakfast show is aimed at the 40 year old+ demographic for sure and the name of the radio “Smooth” matches the exact music and branding they aim for. The music features smooth music with the likes of Take That and Dolly Parton. I’d say the audience is predominantly female based on the way the female presenter – Jenni Falconer uses terminology and more female associated adjectives such as fabulous. From the 30 minutes I listened I’d consider tuning in again because the songs that were played reminded me of songs I used to hear in the car in my childhood.

Classic FM has a very relaxed style of presenting, links are longer and the music played is longer and slower pieces of music that highly feature piano and relaxing, classical instruments. Classic FM breakfast show in presented by Alexander Armstrong however in the time I was listening you don’t really get to hear his voice all too much. I was predominantly listening to piano based music. I can see Classic FM being aimed towards the 50+ age however, for sure it could attract younger ages below 25 who are seeking escapism and want to listen to something relaxing. Personally, it’s not for me tho because the overall tone of the radio station is too slow for my wants and needs.

Immediately, when tuning into Absolute it has a completely different feel to the other two stations. Firstly, the presenter has a young voice and is a much faster presenting style. The adverts also aline with this as the adverts indicate the demographic could be people that have bought their first home and insurance adverts. I enjoyed listening to Absolute more in comparison with the other two radio stations because it had a faster feel to it. Much more what i like to hear in the mornings!

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