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Country hits radio has a similar sounding playlist throughout all the shows. Tracks seem to be in heavy rotation because theres a limit on what is going to keep listeners listening. The music is listenable and has a wide range of mix between male and female artists. The tempo of the station is fast paced as country music is the audience it’s branding. The adverts indicates the fact that it might be towards an adult audience. The main advertisers seem to be anchored towards a working class adult audience. The advertisers include Wicks, British Gas, Confused.Com. Adverts are relatable and take an approach to appeal to adults. The indeed advert appeals to adults with no job and those seeking a career.

Virgin radio is very different however, music is playlist so that different genres are constantly on rotation so there is always a mix. When listening to Virgin radio the songs for me were easy to listen to and similarly to country hits the adverts were tailored towards a working class adult audience. The adverts on Virgin radio are non-existent. The adverts only carry on-air promos for Virgin radio.

On Heart, there is exclusive advertisers for the whole station. They include Dominos, The Learning Institute, By The Bridge. As well as other brands during the actually radio shows. The music on Heart is a wide range if genres with not to music restraint. The artists that frequently gets are The Weekend, Pitbull, The Chainsmokers. The station conforms to a family appeal and thats reflected through the branding and the adverts.

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