Blog post 3

I listened to the breakfast shows of the 3 radio stations and initially thought interaction with social media would have been hire than what I discovered. The Radio X breakfast show was only promoting and asking for social media interaction when there was a competition on. They would use the text messaging service for more audience reaction. The competitions are easy to follow and have a straight forward structure with not too many elements. The competitions make enjoyable radio because they’re engaging and the prizes are worth entering for. They also generate post show content to produce on social media which they promote throughout the show.

The Magic breakfast show is very active and similarly is the KISS breakfast show. This may be because it has a differing target audience than the Radio X breakfast show. The Magic breakfast show particularly invites the audience to be active on Instagram and Twitter throughout. Magic and KISS also share Instagram stories throughout the show of presenters in the studio. They also share listeners stories of them listening to the station. particularly for KISS they use social media to host and promote virtual events over lockdown. They used Instagram to promote various events which the audience can share and create conversation about. Social media is definitely used on these stations to create multi-media conversation and show content for the presenter to talk about. Eg, Instagram polls, Twitter polls.

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