For my final individual project, we must create a piece of audio which has to be commissioned for a business or charity (of my choice) that could serve a purpose for the business or charity.

Before I can create the audio, I need to investigate potential business or charities, that I am interested in and have idea’s in which I can help.

My first train of thought was to do something with Debt. I have previous experience in the financial sector, working for Barclays bank and a debt collection company. The experience I had with the debt collection is that customer’s try and avoid paying the debts, however I feel that some of the customers don’t understand the implications of being in debt and doing research there are a lot of websites that are there to help avoid paying the debt and not educating them on the effects of not paying the debt and working with debt collections agencies.

My second Idea was looking at creating an audio guide for my local museum. I gained inspiration from listening to Mark Hoskin (a former third year) audio guide bargain hunt: A stroll through Camden Passage. I did a little bit of research as well looking at a website and listening to a couple of samples.

I decided that there was more scope with my first idea and debt.

I thought about contacting the CAB (citizen’s advice bureaux). However, after listening to Share radio’s podcast on debt, I’m contacting Share radio with my pitch to be commissioned. I have contacted Glen Goodman (who created the podcast on debt) and a former producer Matthew Cook at Share radio and will get a current contact for the station to pitch my idea to.

On Monday 15/10/18 I contacted Share radio via telephone, no answer and left a voicemail. I also followed up the call with an email. On the morning of the 16th I called to Share radio again and left a further voicemail following up on my email sent yesterday.

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