With the continuous development of network music radio, it has become an important way of music transmission in the network environment. Music is transmitted through different media, and the changes in the media and modes of music communication make the communication of music constantly reflect new characteristics. The emergence of new music transmission characteristics often exerts a subtle influence on music creation. New forms of music communication also cultivate new music audiences. In other words, when music audiences receive music information in different ways, they often show different behavioral and psychological characteristics. Therefore, our exploration and analysis of new ways of music information communication is of practical significance for tracking the new phenomena and features of music communication at present.

The individualized and customized content selection and production method of radio station is a very important way for listeners to obtain music identity in the program. Since its establishment in 2010, the station has attracted a large number of fans and listeners with high loyalty and steady listening habits. In addition, the host often tells the behind-the-scenes story of the program and personal life and emotional experience in order to make the program closer to the audience. The host world outside the work or familiar close friends, often ridicule each other in the program, so that the tone of the ambassador more relaxed and kind.

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