Breastfeeding in Public


Breastfeeding in public may be legal in London however, some individuals find it difficult to accept  or agree with it. Others may embrace it or in some cases do not mind , whiles others may sexualize it. Are breastfeeding mums comfortable breastfeeding in public at all, do they care what others think? Lets find out how breastfeeding mums feel. Also you will learn a lot from the  advice an ex-midwife has for breastfeeding mums and how the public feels.

IN: if you know

OUT: happy mums

Duration: 9.28


This digital story will enlighten most people who discriminate against breastfeeding in public. I spoke to a breastfeeding  mum who was kind enough to share her breastfeeding experiences and an ex-midwife. The public was able to share their opinions in this piece. Do you agree or disagree with breastfeeding in public?

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