The education system as we know it could face a return to the days of the 1960s, if the government’s proposals for new grammar schools see the light of day. While most of this kind of school disappeared following reforms fifty years ago, a handful survived, Callum Denning takes a look back at his own experience in a grammar school, and investigates how it could affect a new generation

IN: “Remember that feeling…”
OUT: “…we find works”
DUR: 9’57”

The piece focuses on my time in grammar school between 2008 and 2013. Locations used for recording and photography include King Edward VI Five Ways school in Bartley Green, Birmingham; Muswell Hill, London; Weoley Castle, Birmingham; Kentish Town, London and on site at the University of Westminster in Harrow. Interviewees contributed their own photos or they were taken by me. All other photos are labelled for non-commercial reuse without credit. Credit is given when necessary. BBC News footage is used under the non-commercial private study exception to copyright as specified here:

Contributions come from former grammar school students Michael Rosen, Kish Kash and Bethany Glover. While a look at how failing the 11+ can affect a child/family comes from Lauren Denning. Each contributor also provides their own backstory, along with my own, as to how they prepared for the exam and the pressure that came along with that.

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