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I took on the role of producer / editor. This role to me meant helping shape the image of the show and contributing to other roles to help shape brand of the show. The end result of my contributions was… more
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Music radio

I am responsible for the two of them are in advertising, and think how to make the clips, saying the Joe show and made a Facebook graphic, when one starts to make the advertisement, I have some own ideas in… more
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Blog post 3

I listened to the breakfast shows of the 3 radio stations and initially thought interaction with social media would have been hire than what I discovered. The Radio X breakfast show was only promoting and asking for social media interaction… more
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With the continuous development of network music radio, it has become an important way of music transmission in the network environment. Music is transmitted through different media, and the changes in the media and modes of music communication make the… more
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Blog post 2

Country hits radio has a similar sounding playlist throughout all the shows. Tracks seem to be in heavy rotation because theres a limit on what is going to keep listeners listening. The music is listenable and has a wide range… more
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Blog post 1

Absolute Radio Absolute is a rock and guitar ordinate station playing popular music from the past 50/60 years. I listened to this station during the Bush and Ritchie drive time show, The presenters engage in often irreverent topics of conversation,… more

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