Title: Chinese-Chic

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Today, as the mass media coverage intensifies, hip-hop style clothing has long gone beyond the traditional boundaries and diversification is its future dominant direction. In the face of the mass consumer market, we have seen many products designed and applied with hip-hop elements, especially in today’s new pattern of openness and sharing, clothing that can highlight individuality seems to be more sought after by young groups, after shedding the sharp political colours, accepting different ethnic cultures with a tolerant heart, combining people’s personality characteristics and habits, introducing hip-hop style clothing into the popular The consumer market is now a place for hip-hop.


With the development of the times, the role of clothing is not only to cover the body and protect it from the cold, but also, from the side

It is also a form of decoration. The different clothing worn in different environments and on different occasions is closely related to the age, occupation, social status, interests and other factors.

The clothing worn in different settings and for different occasions is closely related to age, occupation, social status, interests and other factors. For example, the visual aspect of hip-hop clothing is that it is often filled with a large area of saturated colour, creating a visual plane of tension, and the graffiti art, initially created only on the walls, blends in with the clothing, exaggerating its expressiveness and making it the hallmark of hip-hop clothing. In addition to the clothing itself, the external styling is also particularly distinctive, with hip-hop clothing often styled with accessories such as hats.

It is often worn with accessories such as hats, or by layering hair into small twists and tying it around the head.

The braided up-do reflects the lifestyle of people who don’t have much time to take care of their hair.

Over time, this habit was preserved and became known as the “dirty braid”.

It has become a trendy fashion. In response to the times, hip-hop clothing has been further

The trend has evolved from the practical to the decorative. The silhouette of the garment is not monolithic, but extends to a wide range of shapes.


In: “With the rise of China in recent years…”

Out: “…oneself more freely and confidently.


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Kris Wu, TIZZY T: 三年二班

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