SLUG: Henrie/ Presenter Interview

11/11/2019 Christine Mbuyi

Sometimes it takes 10 years of hard work to get that one year that is going to change your life. Christine Mbuyi had the chance to meet with Reprezent radio presenter Henrie Vii.

Not only is Henrie well known for her daytime show she is also involved in many projects with 4music, CapitalXtra and many more.

During their conversation in the busy London Streets. They had a chance to discuss Henrie’s journey and all the trials and tribulations that allowed her to get to where she is today and a word of advice to aspiring radio presenters.


IN words: ‘Radio was kind of where I first started out……’

OUT words: ‘Traditional mediums will never die they just find a way of evolving.

DUR: 3’ 30”

Back anno: Christine Mbuyi interviewed Henrie Vii about her journey as a presenter.



SLUG: Gregory/Kieran conversation

11/11/2019 Christine Mbuyi

Becoming a footballer is every young boy dream but not many aspire to take the responsibilities to run the team. Gregory and Kieran discuss the recent events in the football world.
As they believe they may know the tactics to be a good manager and know what it even takes to bring Manchester United back to their glory days, after the team have not been excelling since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson
As Kieran starts talking about the downfall of the team.

IN words: ‘The team is not doing good’

OUT words: ‘His got rubbish tactics if his losing 4-Nile on his comeback.….’.

DUR: 3’ 30”

Back anno: Gregory and Kieran sit down and discuss the British premier league .



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