1. Pitch to Racing Welfare

Title:                            A Life in the Racing Industry

Delivery Date:         December 2017

Duration:                    18 ” 25

Presenter:                   Clare Overy

Producer:                    Clare Overy


Short Synopsis

Racing Welfare’s work is well documented through written stories and videos of charity work on their website and social media but do not include audio-only pieces. This documentary will highlight the work that Racing Welfare do to help those working within the horseracing industry and focus on stories revolving around accommodation of retired workers to coincide with the new housing for retired workers with dementia in Newmarket.


Long Synopsis

This documentary will be targeted towards those already working in or are interested in racing and has the potential to be used alongside promotion for the new accommodation site in Newmarket in 2018.

The presenter (Clare Overy) will introduce the documentary with what Racing Welfare (RW) is and what they do, covering the topic of accommodation mostly. After a short introduction (30 secs-1 min) it will then be a montage of a retired horse racing workers from different areas in the industry talking about their lives in racing and the help RW has given them with their accommodation.

The topics to cover include:

  • Accommodation
  • Horse care
  • Yard routine
  • Safety equipment
  • Memorable horses
  • Retirement
  • Community feel in the housing

These topics will be covered by asking each individual to talk about their past in racing and the accommodation they are in now. This is intended to be a conversational piece between the three contributors, almost as if you are eavesdropping on a coffee morning.

They will be broken up by links from the presenter to make it an easier listen and to guide the audio and signpost it for the listener as it is a 20 minute piece. There is also the possibility for a 1min/1min30 interval half way through to include some facts and figures about RW’s housing department to break the audio up a little more. Perhaps some external audio from Racing Welfare’s team or YouTube videos. The audio will end with the presenter giving links to RW’s socials and where they can find more information on RW.


Racing Welfare are free to use this documentary on their website alongside written stories, photos or separately. It is not obligatory for them to use it in any way, it is optional, however it has been discussed that this could be used alongside promotion for two new housing sites on their website and socials.

Website: http://www.support.racingwelfare.co.uk/app/home

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Racingwelfare

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/racingwelfare/


2. Confirmation of audio piece


3. Cue

A Lifetime in Racing / Documentary

12.12.2017 by Clare Overy

After working their whole lives in racing, retired workers can sometimes feel alone and vunerable. Racing Welfare aims to help those from recruitment to retirement, particularly with accommodation.

Clare Overy meets three retired workers that have all been helped by Racing Welfare to find suitable accommodation and discovers stories of their lifetime in racing….


In: Racing Welfare is a charity…

Out: … visit racingwelfare.co.uk…

DUR: 18’25”


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@RacingWelfare : Housing is one of most popular services. Find out how three retired workers have been helped and stories from their lifetime in racing… (link to audio project)


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