What’s a West End Career like?

Kate Czylok

So many people try and fail at getting a career on London’s West End stages. The gruelling long hours, numerous auditions and job uncertainty might be enough to put most people off. However, confidence is the key to success.

Kate talks to West End Star Arun Blair-Mangat in the Kings Cross Heights, outside Kings Cross Theatre, who is currently starring in Lin-Manuel Mirandas’ show ‘In the Heights’ as main man Benny. In its final few months, he tells us about the struggles of working in the industry what he plans to do next, how he manages moving on with new auditions and how he learnt to walk in 6inch heels when he starred in Kinky Boots.

IN: At school we were

OUT: a better future for everyone

Dur: 3’29’’

Back Announcement: And that was Kate Czylok talking to West End Star Arun Blair-Mangat


Online meeting platforms are ever on the rise, with people meeting through social media such as Twitter and Instagram. They have their strengths and weaknesses but people do pull through.

Josie (25) and Amelia (18) two girls who met on Twitter, talk about the advantages, disadvantages and struggles of online friendships and what it’s like meeting someone offline for the first time. They first met online due to a mutual love for Boyband The Wanted, through fan accounts on Twitter. They talked for a long time online and then finally met by accident when going to meet the band. We find out how they met and how they’ve managed to keep their friendship which has been based mainly online and how being friends online can very much differ from the more traditional type of friendship.


IN: I don’t actually remember

OUT: Leave that habit behind

DUR: 2’12’’

Back Announcement: That was Josie and Amelia talking about their experience of online friendship.

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