Written Pitch

‘Coded Gay’

Delivery Date: 12th December 2017 (Release Date – TBC)                Duration:  ~ 20’ 00’’

Presenter(s): Daniel Freeman                                                            Producer: Daniel Freeman


Short Synopsis:

A presenter led piece introducing and analysing the frequency and use of ‘coded gay’ characters, predominately in Disney, and its effect on children



The piece will follow the style of a short documentary, however will use informal and ‘laid back’ language through-out and some popular music to ensure the doc-style would not come across too formal in the podcast landscape. The presenter will introduce and explain the topic, which will lead in to an interviewing discussing ‘coded gay’ and its use in children’s media. This will be followed by short clips from students, to show the general consensus, with interjections if editorially necessary. To help provide context between the ‘studio’ and other elements, the studio elements will have ‘high production values’, such as beds and other multilayers elements whereas the other elements will just contain the ‘raw’ audio. [Part A:] The first part of the piece will look at the use of ‘coded gay’ within children’s media, primarily Disney, and then use Ryan Evans from the High School Musical franchise as a case study to help the audience anchor the idea of coded gay.

 [Part B:] After explaining coded gay, the piece will look at whether these character have any effect on children, through interviewing an expert in children’s media. It will briefly mention the response of the introduction of openly gay characters across the world and if introducing openly gay characters will have a different effect on children.

Confirmation of Commission


This episode of QueerAF looks at the use of ‘Coded Gay’ characters, predominantly in children’s media and everyone’s favorite High School Musical.

This week Jamie takes a break and hands the episode over the Dan Freeman, who speaks to Gay Star News’ Joe Morgan and Dr Cynthia Carter, from Cardiff University.

Produced by Dan Freeman

This podcast episode features music from Jahzzar, tracks Comedie, Chiefs and Siesta and were licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Bars within the tracks were duplicated to extend the duration of the tracks.

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