Life under a Flightpath


After years of consultation, the government announced that Heathrow is its preferred choice for a third runway. The decision was met with anger by local residents but what is all the fuss about? Skeptical about the backlash, Dan Freeman spoke to a campaigner and a resident already affected by a flight path to see if their views are alike.


IN: ‘The twenty-fifth of October…’

OUT: ‘…because they will still do it.’

DUR: 7’48’’

The government has given the green light for the construction of a third runway at Heathrow, opposed to Gatwick. After many years of talks, the Airports Commission recommended that the Heathrow expansion was the best option and was backed by the government in October 2016. A public consultation will take place before a final decision is made by MPs.

A by-election was held in the constituency of Richmond Park, after Zac Goldsmith resigned over the proposal of a third runway. Goldsmith decided to re-run as an independent and many of his campaign rallies were also rallies against the Heathrow expansion, I spoke to a campaigner about their thoughts on the expansion after a rally at Richmond Green. I also travelled to Thamesmead, East London to speak Hilda Walsh, a resident living on the top floor of an apartment complex right underneath a flight path for London City Airport. I also spoke to her daughter, Mandy Asamoah, who was visiting at the time and previously lived in the apartment.

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