Production Week 1

Hi everyone! This is our first production week. I am glad to meet with everyone in our group, there are four of us. It is first time in my life to be involved in production work. I am excited to explore this area and hope to learn a lot from our lecturers and my team members. When I first started the lectures, I am bit nervous, however, thanks for the professionalize of our lecturer and my classmates, I have learnt various history and techniques in the field of audio production. I am much more confident to do this project and I am glad to take the role —producer.


On Friday’s lecture, we had a practice recording through the online platform Zencaster. It was my first time using this platform also it’s my first time doing an audio recording as well. Once we entered the Zencaster room, Kareem as the director quickly spread our roles, Marlyse was taking the responsibility for recording and editing, and I got Anna to play. During the practice recording, my team gave me a lot of inspiration and encouragement. And I start to feel interesting in adding motions into the words when you speak out and use the voice change to explore different emotions.


Production Week 2:

In the second week of production, we arranged a meeting with Brid Arnstein, the scriptwriter on Dancing in Kabul. Our director Kareem had some wonderful ideas about the script, and we were excited to discuss this with her. As a producer, I emailed Brid and arranged a team meeting to exchange our ideas.


During the discussion, we mentioned some important points. First, we wanted to put more detailed personal characteristics into the main character (Kareem, our director had this amazing idea about gave Anna a Middle Eastern accent). Second, we want to combine recent news and put the story into our current real-world situations, such as COVID-19.


Within the same week, we had a lecture with Jeremy about the post-production process.


Production week 3:

Jeremy gave me detailed information on recording and, I organized information for each actor and sent it out to each actor with some suggestions. I hope we could improve before the actual recording.


I had discussed with all my team members and we decided to organize a rehearsal on Thursday. It was not easy to get everyone meeting up at the same time especially in such a short amount of time. All team members and actors have contributed a lot for rehearsal and it went smoothly.


When the rehearsal finished, we got the timetable for each actor on Friday. We communicate with Jeremy a lot and finally confirmed all the details for our actual recording. Hope everything goes well for the actual recording!



Production week 4:

Finally, we are here for the recording. We meet up at the blackboard room at 9:45. Before I got into the room I sent out a reminder for all the actors and. During the recording, me and Youyu Shi( co-ordinate) were waiting sparely in the blackboard room. I was nervous because we were the first group to do the recording and I was hoping that everything goes well with our plan. Although, we were experiencing some technical difficulties at the very beginning of the recording but we manage to solve it later on and finished earlier. I was appreciated for all the professional techniques that professors were given and the patient for waiting. Once we finished the recording, we sent out a Thanks email to all the actors.

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