TITLE: Three Danny’s one pandemic

CUE: 2020 will not go down as the greatest year in history. As we all know Covid 19 has had a massive effect on everybody’s life this year and is continuing to do so, however with vaccination starting and the festive period on top of us, it wouldn’t be a surprise if many people forgot about the rules and restrictions in place even for just a days.

Everyday we hear new figures documenting how many people have tested positive for Covid and how many have, sadly died, however covid is more than just a figures, these are real people battening the disease battening to in some cases stay alive. To get more personal accounts of this deadly virus we’ve got the personal accounts of three different people who have been massively effected by it. The three have never met, are of completely different age ranges. Yet they all have one thing in common, they’re called Danny. This is the story of Three Danny’s one pandemic.

IN: Hello my name is Danny Jeacock

He died alone and I’ll have to live with that forever.

DURATION 10 minutes

SHORT SYNOPSIS: With cases of Covid on the rise in many places in the country again and many people likely to break tier restrictions over the festive period, I wanted to remind people with three personal stories the dangers of Covid 19 and hope that they continue to follow the rules currently in place to help combat the disease.
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